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Well they ARE born gay but they can choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with and who they will have children with. Christine maddox nude. I am a lover, not a fighter, Tink. You may be the brightest bulb on the string. Nude carrie prejean. She stated her opinion. You can be a good person and not believe in gay marriage.

They like everyone else can and will turn on you if your not carefull. Time to stop being prudes people. I want to bitch slap those little gay boys. World hunger happening in many places and the terrorist I believe are only plotting yet another attack on our nation, and we spend much of our time fighting over same sex marriage, and a pageant contestant that possibly took some pictures that someone probably got paid big bucks for.

Why does she have to apologize? No one out there could actually think the way you do. I hope she gets dismissed because I am sick of seeing her in the media. Indian cute nude girls. There are a variety of options available for those who are interested in terminating their own life functions. A bigot is a bigot is a bigot. Are you threatening to assist me with an attitude adjustment? Then they become the most intolerant people around. Same sex marriages have advocates in Washington and the homosexual and lesbian vote can affect the outcome of a ballot.

Frankly, I think the Bible has nothing to do with it. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. My eyes, My Eyes… Not a fan… Report this comment as spam or abuse.

The hateful responsesthe threats of bodily harm betray just what the hetrophobes are all about. You bible thumpers need to straighten your bibs. That if everyone were gay, no one would procreate? As in her previous sex tape, she performs solo on each video. Stop judging others for their beliefs and actions. Should she have stayed neutral on a question like that? Those means are natural. Rosie huntington whiteley sexy nude. May 5, at 6:

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It is not surprising the second I identified as a black person that is all you can talk about. It is legal in four states and on the ballot many many others. Naked iowa girls. Everybody needs to stop trying to control every body else. I find it curious that you focus on anal sex right off the bat. I think a lot of people need to muture a little.

King because he dared speak. And as for Tia and Liz…. Nude carrie prejean. Everyone is different and that is ok. Another ism like terrorism!! A good method is using a gun. Geez how could I have been so dumb? I realize not all gays are as hetrophobic, Christophobic and mysogynistic as the people who are taking part in this on line crucifixion. Milf in tights porn. By the way Celebitchy, she released a statement basically admitting it was her in the photos.

Read between the lines and it is obvious they are intent on attacking an institution of religion. Overpopulation can be addressed through several different means to bring it under control. They are commited to each other and work and pay taxes so they should get those same rights.

Otherwise, why is this lying hypocrite a spokesperson for NOM? Then she eats another tub of raw cookie dough to console her sexless, barren ass. Yeah, and the funny thing about reality is that everyone can believe something and it has nothing to do with its truth value. We have a recession going on, a suicide rate that is out of this world, kidnappings taking place and the Mexican cartel slipping into our country and stilling our children.

Look up unit of selection, again, to educate yourself on evolution. Not long ago when German had a heat wave one summer they publicly announced that women could go around the office topless since it was so hot almost no one in Germany has air conditioning because you normaly do not need it.

Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of carrieprejean misscalifornia missusa stories and more. May 7, at 7: A child to love so she claims. Beautiful nude paintings. So be carefully spreading all this hate around your house. Just step lightly for now.

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But once again, it proves without a shadow of a doubt that sexual orientation has nothing to do with sexual reproduction. THe times they is changing, huh?

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Desi girls sexy vedios You, Shemp, are a leaky douchenozzle.
Porn milf friend You are no different than the bigots who fought against desegregation.
Nude amatur pics May 5, at 5: Yes I was on this site looking for a nude picture of Ms.

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